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Basketball Season Begins December 6

Dear Eastampton Parents and Guardians, 

Our season opener for middle school basketball is Monday December 6th, and we are eager to welcome our students back to competitive play.  This year, we will be incorporating NJDOH recommendations for indoor sports into our attendance guidelines to give our players the best opportunity to participate in as normal a season as possible.  We have collaborated with our regional district peers and make these changes to advocate for the safety of our students, families and staff members.  

This season, attendance to home games here at Eastampton will be limited to parents, guardians and staff members. All attendees must wear a mask and will be encouraged to socially distance in accordance with NJ Executive Order #251.  

Players will not be required to wear masks during active game participation, but will do so otherwise. Only those players actively participating in the game may remove their mask. We seek to support our students and their ability to play, while we navigate the complexities of returning to normal. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.