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    Welcome to our class web site.  I am looking forward to a very exciting year in second grade!  Please check regularly for class information, resources, and some recommended sites to help your child.  

    This year will be an exciting year for your second grader.  They will amaze you with their growth.  My goal is to help each child succeed and reach their maximum potential.  I understand that every child has their own learning style so I use many different modalities and strategies while teaching.  I feel that it is important to model my expectations for the children so that they are sure of what I expect of them.  Never hesitate to contact me with a question.
    There are also links for you to access Spelling City and Reading Eggs. Please use these websites when you can. Spelling City is a great way to practice and learn our spelling words each week through games and practice tests. Also be sure to take a look at Reading Eggs. This website can help strenghten you child's reading and spelling skills.
  or 267-9172 ext.402