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  • 03/31/2020

    Dear Parents,

    I hope that you are all safe and doing well.

    I just want to share a few things with you.

    -I am accepting retakes on all online assignments. Since I teach 100+ students, I am asking that students email me when they retake something so that I can fix their grade.

    -PowerSchool is updated. Any assignment that is marked missing, I have not received yet.

    -Due dates are flexible, however, please encourage your child to follow my recommended daily tasks. They may move ahead.

    -Students should check Google Classroom for updates. I post on Google Classroom the weeks homework assignments and if there are any important updates.

    -The best method to communicate with me is by email. Students can email me or message me on Google Classroom.

    Thank you,

    Michael Shoukry



    Students: If you wish to turn off Google Classroom notifications, please click How To Turn Off Google Classroom Notifications


    Mr. Shoukry 


    Hello Parents,

    Thank you for all the support and monitoring of your child as they transition to online school for the time being. Specialty math, I understand how hard it can be for students to complete it without a teacher. Please know that Khan Academy has some great videos that students can look at. Students can retake the practice exercises as well as the quizzes. Students can’t retake the unit tests-not yet assigned. I have been assigning content that was previously covered in the school year to maintain students’ skills.

    Please know that PowerSchool is updated with the assignments from Tuesday and Wednesday. If your child has a “missing” or is not happy with their score, they can complete/redo the assignment(s). On Sunday, I will be putting zeros for any assignments that were not completed this week.

    In Google Classroom, students have a calendar/syllabus of the assignments for the week. They also have another one in their Khan Academy page.

    I also made a FAQ Page on my school page as well.


    Michael Shoukry



    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.

     1. Can I move ahead?
     Yes! But no need to rush and take note of the due dates.
     2. Can I retake a practice assignment, quiz or test?
     You can retake the practice assignments and quizzes as many times as you like. However, Unit tests can only be taken once.
     3. When will the next assignments be posted?
     Week one is already posted in Khan Academy. Week two will be posted over the weekend and so on.
     4. I don't know/remember how to complete a problem. What should I do?
     Please look back in your "course" and find the corresponding video to watch.
     5. Where can I see the assignments for the week?
     In Khan Academy, you should have a "my assignment tab" where you can see when assignments are due. Work on the assignments that are due first, first.
    6. I completed all the work, but my assignments are not showing up. What happened?
    You completed the work in the course and did not go through the "my assignment" page link directly. Please only go through the “my assignment” page.
    7. I can’t type in my answers. It’s not working.
    Please note that if you still have the Khan Academy app on your Chromebook, please uninstall it. I know some of you say that you don’t use it, but even if you are in Chrome, it opens up the assignments in the app and you think it’s another window/tab. Getting rid of the app will fix this problem.
    8. I tried everything and nothing is working?
    Please sign out of Khan Academy and out of your Chromebook. Log back in and make sure you sign in with Google through Chrome on Khan Academy’s site.
    9. What’s due today?
    Please check your “My assignments” page on Khan Academy and see the links below.


    Google Syllabus 

    7th Grade:

    8th Grade:










    Dear 7th and 8th Grade Parents and Students,

    As we transition to online education, for the time being, I would like to remind everyone that this is still considered school. Students are responsible to complete the assignments that are posted on Khan Academy and Google Classroom. Please remind your child to turn on Google Classroom notification, if they want to, so that they get the most up to date information. I will post a weekly calendar of the assignments that I would like them to complete. Today and tomorrow are just a trial day to make sure that we are all on the same page.

    As we navigate through this time, I am asking for your support in checking on your child to see their progress on completing the work. I will post grades that students get on Khan Academy in PowerSchool weekly.

    Please reach out to me by email at any time.
    Thank you for your support.

    Michael Shoukry
    7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher


    Click Here For Homework Assignments


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