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    Eastampton Community School 

    2020-2021 School Year

     Mr. Shoukry’s Math Classes Syllabus  

    1St Period:    8:35-9:25

    8th Grade Middle School Algebra Math

    Mr. Shoukry 

    Google Classroom Code: 6y5k2rk

    2nd Period: 9:27-10:12

    6th Grade Math

    Mr. Shoukry and Ms. Stofko

    Google Classroom Code: nkd5eg5

    3rd Period: 10:14-10:59

    8th Grade Honors Middle School Algebra 

    Mr. Shoukry 

    Google Classroom Code: w7gemfy

    4th Period: 11:01-11:46

    8th Grade Middle School Algebra Math

    Mr. Shoukry and Ms. Stofko

    Google Classroom Code: kwxi7bt

    Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to 6th/8th grade math! Please see some of my classroom guidelines and important information that will be beneficial for you and your child.   

    Materials:  We will be using the following in and out of class: Google Classroom, your own math notebook (binder with loose leaf paper),  pencils, highlighter, ruler, calculator, protractor, and compass. You should have a school provided ChromeBook or a device that you choose to use for online education. 

    All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom as worksheets or Google Forms. Some assignments will require students to take a picture and upload. While a cellphone picture is better, a picture from the ChromeBook will work too if there is enough light in the room. 

    Meetings:  Our class meets live based on the schedule above for your designated class every school day.  If students are unable to attend the live class, parents should email me ASAP and let me know how you will be retrieving your assignments.  I will be recording our live meetings and students who are absent or unable to attend during the live meeting will be able to access the recorded meeting.  I will be flexible with deadlines as needed for students with varying schedules. Parents need to communicate with me to let me know about your schedule.

    Meeting Rules are posted on Google Classroom.  Be sure you read and understand the rules BEFORE you attend our first live meeting on Tuesday, September 8. The most important part of live meetings is to have NO DISRUPTIONS during the lesson.  Raise your hand if you have a question and I’ll be glad to answer and/or clarify for you.  During the lesson, you may send me questions through the chat. Your question is important to me and I will get back to you when I can during the lesson. 

    Expectations: I’m going to expect you to:

    • Learn the required skills and lessons the best that you can
    • Get assignments completed on time and turned in
    • Ask for help ASAP and not after assignments are due

    Turning in work:  While learning remotely, all work must be turned in through Google Classroom (GC).  We will discuss this and go over the procedure on the first day of school. 

    Grading:  Each day, we will have a lesson and a class assignment. You will also have homework each day to complete after our lesson. As stated before, I am very flexible during this remote learning time with deadlines, but you and/or your parents will need to communicate with me about your schedule. Please note that while I am flexible, turning in a whole week’s worth of assignments late is not acceptable unless it’s an excused absence. 

    Homework: Homework is grade based on attempting all problems. It's important that each night’s homework is completed before the next class period. 

    Quizzes: Students will have 5 questions on a quiz with each question assessing a component of the lesson(s) covered. Students will be graded on a scale and have the option to retake it if they fail if they meet the criteria. If no work is attached, a grade of a ZERO will be given. 

    Quiz Grading Scale

    Correct out of 5

    Percent in PowerSchool

    Retake Option











    0%----Retake Required 

    2/5 or 1/5 or 0/5 Students have the option to retake the quiz and score up to a 77% IF: 1) all hw prior to the quiz is completed, 2) they must email me asking for the retake. 3) Students must retake a quiz with-in a week as no retakes will be offered after the chapter test. 


    0%----Retake Required 


    0%----Retake Required 


    Chapter Test: All assessments will be on Google Forms, but the handwritten work needs to be attached to get any credit... In the event the work does not match the answer selected in the Google Form, I will grade the work only. 

    Office Hours:  Please feel free to email or call me at any time.  I will respond to your message as soon as possible.

    A word about academic integrity...If you haven’t completed an assignment or don’t know what to do on an assessment to the point that you’re thinking about cheating to get it done - DON’T.  In this instance, please communicate with me and I will try to work something out with you.  My trust in you is extremely important to us both, so if I find that you have copied answers, plagiarized or otherwise cheated on an assignment, an assessment, or a project, you will earn an automatic zero for that grade.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  

    I know that we are going to have a great year together learning all kinds of new things.  I look forward to seeing you when school starts!


    Mr. Michael Shoukry                                                                        Ms. Bethany Stofko


    School’s Phone:  609-267-9172 x806                                             609-267-9172 x760


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