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    ~ Welcome to Mr. Pendry’s Health & PE Website. 

    REMOTE LEARNING - Please click on one of CLASS CODE links below to accses your grade & period P.E. GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  All the information you will need reguarding up comming assignments, grading, daily activities/procedures....etc can be found on your P.E. GOOGLE CLASSROOM home page.  Lets keep it moving, and make this another great year together at ECS.  GO KNIGHTS!!!



    Mr. Pendry’s 6th, 7th, & 8th grade 

    P.E. Google Classroom Links

    Google Class and Zoom codes


    7th B Physical Education

    Period 1 (8:35-9:25)

    Google Class code:  pbrayiy

    Join Zoom Meeting:  7th Period 1 Phys. Ed. Meeting @ 8:35 am (Check In Every Day)

    Meeting ID: 883 9471 3482

    Passcode: 7P1PE



    6th B Physical Education

    Period 2 (9:27-10:12)

    Google Class code:  bk7xdqa

    Join Zoom Meeting: 6th Period 2 Phys. Ed. Meeting @ 9:30 am (Check In Every Day)

    Meeting ID: 894 8589 2304

    Passcode: 6P2PE

    7th A Physical Education

    Period 3 (10:14-10:59)

    Google Class code:  lq62cuv

    Join Zoom Meeting: 7th Period 3 Phys. Ed. Meeting @ 10:15 am (Check In Every Day)

    Meeting ID: 824 2611 5064

    Passcode: 7P3PE

    8th B Physical Education

    Period 4 (11:01-11:46)

    Google Class code: 7kb5mih

    Join Zoom Meeting: 8th Period 4 Phys. Ed Meeting @ 11:05 am (Check In Every Day)

    Meeting ID: 828 3400 7471

    Passcode: 8P4PE

    8th C Physical Education

    Period 5 (11:48-12:35)

    Google Class code:  v23u65j

    Join Zoom Meeting: 8th Period 5 Phys. Ed Meeting @ 11:50 am (Check In Every Day)

    Meeting ID: 885 6990 8810

    Passcode: 8P5PE



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