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    Welcome to PLTW: Launch and Gateway!!!

    Project Lead the Way: Engineering courses designed for the problem solvers of today and the leaders of tomorrow!   

    Most homework assignments will be completed through Google Classroom.  If you/your child needs help accessing the classroom page, or how to create a document to share/complete an assignment, please send me a note or email and I will gladly help!

    609-267-9172 ex745






    4th Grade Run-Away Truck Challenge!!!

    Think you could stop a run-away truck...with NO BRAKES??? Our 4th grade engineers can... using only a piece of cardboard, paper towel tubes, popsicle sticks and some tape.. This instant design challenge put their planning and organizing skills to the test today, and here are the results!  (No trucks were harmed in this experiment...ha ha..)  Great work class!


    Nice work!!! Love the sticky tape and barrier method!   Stack them high!!! Great job!!   Walls stop us, so why not trucks?? Nice Work!! The sideways approach.. (This picture just wouldn't straighten out... tilt head to view.. ha ha..)




    When you go to google, make sure the current person signed in, is signed out.

    Type "Google Classroom" in to the address bar

    Click on the first link that pops up : Google Classroom

    Click on the blue box in the middle of the page "Sign In"

    For the user name/email you must use the school email you received.

    ( First letter of first name followed by whole last name followed by the year you are graduating 8th grade followed by  (if you are in 6-8th grades, use

    Password is your 6 digit birthday or 6 digit locker combo)

    My username would be:




    6th grade: FS- FLIGHT AND SPACE

     Present: Gliders

    Log into with your id # and class code for access

    if you forgot your code, send me an email!




    7th grade: DM- Design and Modeling

    Puzzle cube creation/design and time trials (Friday) 





    8th grade: AR- Automation and Robotics

    Test-Design Process Tues.







    Contact me with any questions at : or 609 267-9172 ex. 745 






    Disney Favorite Animal Poll

    click on the link above and vote for your favorite today! 




    Another Periodic Table


    The periodic table is now complete!! 4 new elements have been created filling out the entire table... Elements 113 ununtrium, 115 ununpentium, 117 ununseptium, and 118 ununoctium were finally added to the guide and now have NEW ELEMENT NAMES!!!















    For those seeking history in the making, check out the site below.  Sir John Franklin's fabled Arctic voyage in 1845, searching for the "Northwest Passage" ended in disaster, the crew of the two ships lost forever...until now..


    If you like to visit historical sites, check these out!

    Barracks Museum in Trenton
    Cold Spring Village Colonial Village
    Fort Delaware
    Prison Museum in Mt Holly
    Hancock House - Revolutionary War Battle Site, Old Swedish log cabin



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