Academically Talented Program

  • Program Philosophy


    The Eastampton Township School District is committed to a quality educational program that recognizes the unique value, needs, and talents of the individual student. It also recognizes that differences exist among learners and that these differences can be addressed through a differentiated curriculum. The Academically Talented Program is an integral part of this commitment. The program is designed to challenge learners through a multidimensional teaching approach by integrating curriculum within and across planned experiences.


    Program Description


    The Academically Talented Program is available for students in grades 1-8. This program is designed to meet the needs of exceptionally able learners to provide them with opportunities to engage in various activities that encourage higher level thinking skills, such as: analysis, synthesis, evaluation, elaboration, and inference. Students will be challenged to use their creativity and to work collaboratively to solve problems, engage in experiments, and participate in webquests.


    Characteristics of a Gifted Learner

    • Shows superior reasoning powers and marked ability to handle ideas; can generalize readily from specific facts and can see subtle relationships; has outstanding problem-solving ability.
    • Shows persistent intellectual curiosity; asks searching questions; shows exceptional interest in the nature of man and the universe.
    • Has a wide range of interests, often of an intellectual kind; develops one or more interests to considerable depth.
    • Is markedly superior in quality and quantity of written and/or spoken vocabulary; is interested in the subtleties of words and their uses.
    • Reads avidly and absorbs books well beyond his or her years.
    • Learns quickly and easily and retains what is learned; recalls important details, concepts and principles; comprehends readily.
    • Shows insight into arithmetical problems that require careful reasoning and grasps mathematical concepts readily.
    • Shows creative ability for imaginative expression in such things as music, art, dance, and drama.
    • Sustains concentration for lengthy periods and shows outstanding responsibility and independence in classroom work.
    • Sets realistically high standards for self; is self-critical in evaluating and correcting his or her own efforts.



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