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    Your patience is appreciated during this time while I update my website. Please reach out to me via Remind or email if you have any questions regarding LA or Math. Please click on the "My Links" page for access to several learning sites that will count towards your "Remote Learning" time.

    Thanks, Ms. Sullivan


    Week of Monday, March 30, 2020

    Due Friday, April 3 @7pm

    Hi Parents!
    I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. I have included directions for this week's assignments. You can always check my teacher webpage for additional resources. Please log your child's activity time on all sites except Google Classroom, Seesaw, Raz-Kids/Kids A-Z (I have access to student activity on those sites).

    If you/your child chooses not to work digitally or cannot work digitally please work on bits and pieces of the following assignments each day and email (or send via Remind) pics of the completed work by Friday evening, 7 pm. You can break down the assignments in any way that works best for you and your child. If your assignments aren't linked through Google Classroom, Seesaw, AND Raz-Kids I will expect pics of the following assignments Friday night:

    Textbooks Assignments DUE FRIDAY, April 3:

    1. Complete all of Week 15 Daily Edit
    2. Complete all of Week 15 Math Review
    3. Reading Wonders Workbook: 2nd-grade page 157-169
                                          1st-grade page 81-90
    4. Math Workbook: 2nd grade: page 281-288
                    1st grade: page 273-280
            ****BOTH GRADE LEVELS may skip the HOT problems and problems that require a written explanation of how your child arrived at their answer****
    If you and your child choose to work digitally please save your textbooks in a bag, they still need to come back to school with your child. I think I have provided a LOT of content on Google Classroom. Your child does NOT need to complete everything assigned. I just wanted to offer choices for individualized learning. 
    Digital Learners
    Every day your child should log on and complete assignments/activities on:
    1. Google Classroom
    2. Seesaw
    3. Raz-Kids
    *You may choose to review math through Prodigy **Please use my class code 
          1st-grade CLASS CODE: A7B017 
          2nd-grade CLASS CODE: 0393CF
             ***If you use Mr. Young or Mrs. Glenn's code I cannot document time your child spent on that site or adjust work to their level and you will need to document the time they spent on this site. 
             ***If you are logging time on PebbleGo, Happy Numbers or any of the websites listed on the "My Resources" page you can enter it daily on Google Classroom or email it to me on Fridays. These sites are GREAT, I just don't have access to determine how long or what they worked on.
    As per Mr. Duckett's instructions, students should spend at least thirty minutes on Reading/Writing AND thirty minutes on math daily. This doesn't mean they complete one five minute activity with coins and consider math finished for the day. They may need to complete several tasks or activities to log their entire thirty-minute time for each day.
    Regardless of the platform your child/you choose to work from, we can still review the Daily Edit and Math Review during Zoom sessions and I will be available to answer your child's questions then. If more than one child meets with me in Zoom, the kids will have time to talk to each other and catch up.   **If you have any questions about account names/passwords, please email me. I will need to look them up and get back to you. Technical questions, I may need to reach out to someone else to find an answer for you.
    You and your child may choose to mix it up and do a little bit of work in textbooks or worksheets AND complete a few digital activities. This is fine. Please remember to email pics of completed worksheets/logs from this week by Friday, 7 pm.
    Have a great week!