Welcome Back to School

  • Basic Skills Instruction is supplemental instruction in either Language Arts or Mathematics. Instruction provides additional support  in the basic concepts and skills that students need in order to be successful in their classroom.

    Language Art Literacy-Students will receive instruction in; reading fluency,the ability to read quickly, accurately, and with appropriate expression. Also,vocabulary, or word knowledge and comprehension, or making meaning from text.  Students will work on phonics and phonemic awareness (for students who could still benefit from instruction in these areas). The student will recive instruction in writing that will include: brainstorming, drafting, editing and publishing. Students will be in a small group setting and I will differentiate instruction.

    Mathematics-Students will receive supplemental math instruction which will include the following: number sense  and operations,  fractions, decimals , percents, measurement, word problems, and geometry. Students will work in a small group setting utilizing all the modalities to engage students. To differentiate instruction, students will have math manipulatives, games and presentations.