5th Grade

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    5th Grade will be learning about the influences that all types of media has on our society and on them as individuals. We will examine print ads and media messages. We will look at web pages, video and discuss bias and point of view. We will discuss the acceptable use policy and what it means to them.


    Students will start by writing and posting a review on a self-selected book. Later they will be creating their own posters or ads to promote reading in our own school. Students will interview faculty members, staff or other students to learn about their favorite books. They will create posters for display throughout the school, after the interview and taking pictures of their subjects. Look for the final product in the halls.


    We will focus on Databases, web site evaluation, and how and when to utilize various resources, we will look at  MLA formatting and a Work Cited page in order to prepare them for Middle School.


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