• The entire third grade curriculum can be found on district website.


    Students in third grade are already experienced readers.  We will continue to increase their love for reading and their fluency. 

    In third grade students trasition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn".  Our current reading program is the Reading Wonders program. 

    This literacy program is aligned to the Common Core Standards and the PARCC test. 

    This is an intense reading program and will usually take us seven to eight days to complete a weekly collection of stories. 

    Reading assessments will include the vocabulary introduced that week along with a collection of comprehensive questions. 

    Students will also be assessed with a "Cold Read", which is a story they have never read before to assess their comprehension

    of skills taught during the previous seve to eighr days.


    Ten spellng words are introduced every Monday and are assessed on Friday, unless instructed other wise.  Spelling words in third grade

    are based on high frequency words or words that will be used in eighty-five percent of the students writing.


    Third grade math is taught using the Go Math program.  This program is also aligned to the Common Core Standards and will expose

    students to a variety of ways to solve math problems.  Two of the biggest skills taught in third grade our mutlipliation and division.

    During these units please have students practice facts daily.


    Social Studies and Science are rotated throughout the year.  Please be sure to have student read notes every night to develop good study habits.