School Supplies


     Dear Families,

            Welcome to Third Grade! Below is a list of the supplies your child will

             need this year . . .


         1.  One 1" binder


        2.   Four marble composition book (no spiral notebooks), labeled with your

              child's name and the subject Math, Spelling,

          Science/Social Studies, and Reading.


         3. Two folders with bottom pockets- one labeled Home and the other labeled School

              (NO binders or Trapper  please!)


         4.  One box of sharpened pencils with erasers (pencils will need to be replenished)


          5. One red pen for marking


          6. One plastic supply box (no larger than a shoe box) filled with crayons,

              colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, and scissors.      


          7. Three extra-large or jumbo sized book covers


          8.  Ear buds or headphones


    Supplies are also needed to be kept at home for homework assignments and they may need to be replenished

    at the end of the marking period.  The children are responsible for having items in school every day beginning the first day of school.  Coming to school prepared helps your children learn!




                                                            The Third Grade Teachers 


    Although not required, we are also in need of:

    • paper towels
    • baby wipes
    • boxes of tissues
    • hand sanitizer 
    • zipper bags (large and small)