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    Dear Parents,


    We are beginning an exciting new unit in Fourth Grade Music class!  As I am sure you have heard, the students are learning to play the recorder.  We will be using a very interesting and motivational curriculum called “Recorder Karate”.  Each student is receiving a recorder from the school.  Recorders are going to be sent home with students so they can practice, but they will need to have them in school each Music day.  It is our recommendation that students keep their recorders in their backpack at all times when they are not using it so they don’t forget them on Music day!  Please help to remind them!  Several students have indicated that they have recorders at home already.  If this is the case, I would encourage them to leave one in their locker and keep the other at home for practice.  If you are interested in purchasing a second recorder for your child, I have seen them at many toy stores and dollar stores in the area.  Let me know if you need assistance with this.


    Please encourage your child to practice.  To familiarize your self with the method, it would help to read through their Recorder Karate Booklet with them.  Here are some helpful hints for successful recorder playing:

    1. Cover all the holes tightly – leaks cause squeaks!
    2. The left hand is placed above the right hand
    3. Blow gently with “warm” air
    4. Practice, practice, practice!


    Students can play along on the internet with an audio accompaniment of the songs in their booklet.  Here is the link you will need:  


    This link can also be accessed here: Click Here


    Thank you for your continued support of your child’s creativity in music!


    Musically Yours,

    Mr. Surrency