• *** March 13, 2022 ***

    COVID information is subject to change based on case rates, Department of Health recommendations, and/or governor's orders. If you have questions or concerns, you may contact the Nurse's Office for discussion. Please report all COVID-19 positive cases to the Nurse's Office. If submitting electronically, please email both calderman@etsdnj.us and mostaszewski@etsdnj.us.


    Nurse's Office

    Daily Health Check-In Screening Forms

    All families should continue to monitor their household for illness, and review the Daily Health Check-In before each school day. (It is no longer required to submit the Health Check-In on PowerSchool.)

    What to do if your child is not feeling well . . . .
    If your student is experiencing signs and symptoms of illness, it is important to keep them home from school. When considering illness symptoms, please start by referring to the Daily Health Check-In questions below, and remember to also consider the non-COVID reasons to stay home (Illness / Staying Home). 

    "I think it's just allergies."
    While you may lean towards thinking it’s just allergies, please recognize that there are some similarities between symptoms of seasonal/environmental allergies and symptoms of illness. Itchy eyes, and sneezing, are not too difficult. However, multiple symptoms and especially a cough, means your student should stay home and be evaluated further. 

    Your honesty and diligence can significantly reduce the impact on our whole school community. Thank you so much for your understanding, and all your efforts to keep our school healthy and safe.

STUDENT - Daily Health Check-In Screening Form 3-13-22

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