• Optional Activities 6/10/2020-6/17/2020



    -- All videos and games mentioned are on this page!--


    *Continue to login daily for at least 15-20 minutes to the reading and math websites. *



    1. Using any materials you have at home create a sign that says “My Last Day of Kindergarten” Pretend you are actually at school and wear the outfit you would have worn to school! Send a photo to your teacher!


    2. Pick a flower or any object outside and use the petals to write an addition or subtraction sentence.


    3. Create a memory book explaining your favorite special, subject, and memory from kindergarten!


     4. Read the online book about environmental prints called “I Can Read”


    5. Go outside and go on a shape scavenger hunt!


    6. Use a ball to bounce your way up to the number 100!


    7. Use any cards you have at home to play a math card game!


    8. Create a Father’s Day card to any father figure in your life!


    9. Write a letter to an incoming Kindergarten student to tell them how they can be successful next year!


    10. Use sidewalk chalk to write a sentence about something you are going to do over the summer!        Underline all of the sight words you use!


    11. Send your teacher a photo of you wearing your favorite tee shirt!


    12. What do you want to be when you grow up? Dress up and send me a photo to your teacher!


    13. Pick your favorite number between 0-100. Write the number and draw tens and one blocks to show it!


    14. Using any object inside or outside of your house spell out your first and last name!