• Downloadable Google Hangouts Meet cheat sheet

    Posted by James Hall on 3/19/2020
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  • Zoom conferencing for remote learning

    Posted by James Hall on 3/19/2020

    Zoom interactive meeting for remote learning


    Personal Computer installation and setup
    -Register for your free Zoom account - zoom.us
    -Use your etsd address and confirm it
    -Download, install and run the zoom client app
    -click orange icon to launch new meeting
    -make a note of your meeting ID and pw (top left)
    -publish your meeting id and pw to students
    -enable/disable video/microphone as preferred
    -chose sharing option (desktop/app/document/etc.)
    -visit more menu to setup meeting rules

    -Register for your free Zoom account - zoom.us
    -Use your etsd address and confirm it
    -launch the app
    -choose video option (on/off)
    -make a note of your personal meeting id (top center)
    -Click start
    -publish your meeting ID and meeting pw with students
    -enable/disable video as preferred
    -click or tap in window to start/stop video, share documents or screen/whiteboard 
    -access settings to set up meeting rules.


    Launch Zoom app
    Enter provided meeting ID
    When prompted, enter meeting password.


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  • Some remote learning tools from Google

    Posted by Richard Pryor on 3/19/2020

    Did you know that Google offers a couple of extra services that can assist you in remote learning? One is Google Hangouts Meet (https://meet.google.com/) and the other is Hangouts Chat (https://chat.google.com/). Hangouts Meet is great for video conferencing a group or maybe one on one with a parent or student. You can also use it to broadcast your screen, share webpages, etc... Hangouts Chat is basically just an enhanced text messenger. You can group chat with your students or one on one, as well as share links, pictures, and files. Text is logged so keep that in mind, should you need the log for disciplinary action on a student or just to give a heads up to a parent of their behavior online.

    In order to use both of these effectively you're going to need to have your students brought into your address book. You can modify your G-Suite address book using Google Contacts (https://contacts.google.com/)
    1. At the top left corner, click Create contact.

    2. Select Create Multiple Contacts.

    3. Add all of your students Google Accounts comma separated. (including the @es.etsdnj.us or @ms.etsdnj.us) You can also create labels for your group here if you wanted to. Maybe you wanted to group your class up by a particular subject or period.

    4. Click Create.

    Once your address book is set Google Meet and Google Chat are pretty straight forward. Here are a few help topics on how to use each service. Google Hangouts Meet Help Topics: https://support.google.com/meet  
    Google Hangouts Chat Help Topics: https://support.google.com/hangoutschat
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