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    Ray A. Robinson, Jr.
    Dean of Students

    Mr. Robinson is entering his first year as Dean of Students of Eastampton Township School District.

    He discovered his passion to help and mentor young people while coaching at the recreation level. It was at that time that he decided that he could find fulfillment in the educational profession and started to pursue this passion.

    He received his undergraduate degree from Illinois State University and  went on to attend Eastern University to acquire his teaching credentials to be a Health & Physical Education (HPE) instructor as well as a Masters Degree in Multicultural Education. Most recently, Mr. Robinson attended Caldwell University to fulfill the requirements to become a school leader.

    Prior to the 2021-2022 school year, Mr. Robinson served as a HPE instructor for the past eight years and was the head coach for football and baseball in his most recent district for the last six. During his tenure in the classroom, he taught HPE at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

    His life experiences, years of teaching, and coaching have helped him understand the value in investing in young people collectively and develop his educational philosophy where he states:

    Meet each student where they are but let them know that they can’t stay there. As educators, we are to help students with their development academically, socially, and emotionally. Seeing their potential, fostering their growth, and pushing them to achieve great things are all a part of the territory. I will work and do my best to help each student realize what they are capable of.

    Outside of the workplace, Mr. Robinson and his wife have 4 children and a puppy. Their family enjoys numerous fun activities such as trips to the beach, watching movies together, attending sporting events, and finding reasons to LAUGH!!