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Did You Know?

    • Did you know that our Milky Way Galaxy is just one of about 10 Billion Galaxies in the observable universe?
    • Did you know our Sun is just one of about 100 billion stars in our galaxy?
    • That means that there are about one billion trillion stars in our universe, most of which have planets orbiting them!

The Solar System (To Scale)

  • We measured our planets distance by astronomical units and by the wall of our very own cafeteria. We said that each wall tile is equal to one astronomical unit. That means that 1 wall tile is equal to 93 million miles in lifesize! An Astronomical Unit is the measurement of the distance from the Sun to Earth! The farthest planet, Neptune, is exactly 30 astronomical units away from the Sun! That’s 2.8 BILLION miles away!

About Our Solar System


Imagined Galaxies

  • Explore our imagined galaxies.  Each contains two solar systems with exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) orbiting their stars.