Star Student

Star Student

  • One week during the school year, your child will be in the spotlight!  This week is especially dedicated to your child and his/ her family.  One day during the week, family members are invited into class.  For example, Mom and /or Dad can come into class to talk to the class about their job or a grandparent can come in and read 2 stories.  Please plan a 15 minute presentation or read aloud.

    You will receive a Star of the Week digital packet two weeks prior to his/her special week. Have your child complete it neatly with help and bring it back to school at the beginning of his/ her week.

    I would also like each first grader to sit down with his/her parent(s)/ guardian(s) and make a poster together.  This poster is to be brought into school at the beginning of your child's week and will be displayed for the entire week.  Please print your child's and last name at the top.  Its should contain some but not all of the following.


    favorite color favorite holiday
    favorite place to visit favorite TV show
    baby pictures picture of house/apt.
    pictures of vacations favorite things to do
    favorite food favorite friend
    favorite hobbies current picture of child
    picture of family members picture of pets


    Pictures from magazines, photos, and/or original drawlings can be used.  Please help your child to label what things are on the poster. Please run everything by me one week in advance if you plan on visiting the classroom by phone, note or email, to avoid any confusion.