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    The "Daily 5" is an approach to teaching language arts in an elementary classroom. It consists of 5 independent sections that are practiced for the first month of school. Students must know exactly what is expected of them before the daily 5 actually starts. These indepedent sections are all meant to benefit the student in different ways, while the teacher is meeting with a separate reading group. Students put into appropriate reading groups due to levels, and are able to receive small group instruction to practice reading early reading strategies. All independent reading is done with books the child gets to choose and put in their book bins!


    • Read to Self- In this section of the daily 5 students are able to practice reading to themselves. Even in kindergarten where students can not always read the words on the page, it can be beneficial for them to work on strategies we practice during small group instruction!
    • Read to Someone- In this section of the daily 5 students work with a partner to help reading to one another. The students are meant to read page by page, and switching the reader each page. This helps them use their imagination, and is beneficial to have students of various levels reading with eachother. 
    • Word Work- Word work are vocabulary worksheets that the children enjoy. The goal of word work is for the children to be able to use the same worksheets, but change the vocabulary/sight word that we are covering in class. Some examples are, rainbow words where children get to write the sight words with markers and make a rainbow, and hidden words where children write each word with white caryon and color over it with a color to reveal what word it is. Sheets are added and introduced throughout the school year to ensure boredom does not occur.
    • Listen to Reading- Listen to reading is a great opportunity for students to read on level texts, and see the words being read to them. We use multiple websites and resources that will be listed in the "Helpful Resources" tab! We use headphones on the student computers in the back of the classroom.
    • Work on Writing- This section of the daily 5 has not yet been introduced to the students. The daily 5 is used in higher grades as well, and sometimes this section benefits some of the higher level/older students more. When students understand the appropriate letter sounds, and can sound spell words this section is used to help students work on writing stories! Once they gain an understanding of phonics, and phonological awareness they really start to enjoy this section.
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