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    • Guided Math is a different way to instruct the mathematics curriculum. The use of small group instructoion gives the teacher the opportunity to guage instruction for a particular group of students. During Guided Math the students rotate to three different centers each day. These centers are created based upon the scope and sequence of our Go Math! curriculum. The three centers we use in our class our teacher table, technology, and math baskets! Look below for a more detailed overview of what a day of math looks like in our classroom!
      • Mini Lesson (6-8 minutes) To start off Guided Math the students come to the carpet for a quick mini lesson. This mini lesson can be about a new topic, to review points of emphasis, or introduce a new center. This is meant to be quick so the majority of the math block is spent participating in various forms of instruction.
      • Math Bins (15 minute rotation) The math bins are all teacher created. These range from many hands on games and activities to cater to the learning needs of all students! We use materials such as: counters, play dough, snap cubes, dice, marbles, and legos to practice with the concepts we are covering in the Go Math! curriculum.
      • Technology (15 minute rotation) The technology center is either conducted from the student computers in the back of the classroom, or on the Activboard. Students will work with different websites, online activities, and games that cover what is being taught in the particular unit.
      • Teacher Table (15 minute rotation) The teacher table is the most important part of Guided Math instruction. Using guided math in our classroom gives me the opportunity to conduct small group instruction to meet the needs of ALL particular groups. Students can be moved, and groups can be changed as much as needed to help all students to be successful in learning the new concepts. 
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