• Arthur's "About Face"  (game about feelings)

    Arthur's "You've Got to be Kidding"  (problem solving game)

    PBS "Get Your Web License"  (internet safety)

    University of Illinois "Out on a Limb"  (conflict resolution)

    PBS "It's My Life- Rumor Control" (how to handle rumors)

    PBS "It's My Life- You're In Charge" (responsibility)

    PBS "It's My Life-To Cheat or Not To Cheat" (honesty)

    PBS "It's My Life-Go Go Diego" (anger)

    PBS "It's My Life-Bonko's Body Quiz" (effects of tobacco and drug use)

    PBS "It's My Life-Make Up or Break Up (friendship conflicts)

    PBS "It's My Life-Beat the Bully" (how to handle a bully)

    PBS "It's My Life-Mortifying Monday" (how to handle a bad day)

    PBS "It's My Life- School Daze, Crazy Maze" (navigating a middle school schedule)

    PBS "It's My Life- Be your Own Boss" (decision making)

    PBS "It's My Life-Mad Money" (budgeting)