• Rancocas Valley Regional High School

    As per RVRHS website: https://www.rvrhs.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=47180&type=d&termREC_ID=&pREC_ID=99800

    Incoming 9th grade course placement required assessments:
    All incoming 9th graders will be required to complete the Orleans Hanna assessment for placement in a 9th grade mathematics course. Report card grades from 8th grade are also needed to formulate the final Orleans Hannas grade.  For further information, please contact Mr. George Hatziandreou, Mathematics Supervisor 267-0837 ext. 3563 or ghatziandreou@rvrhs.com.
    All incoming 9th graders will be required to complete the Science Assessment for placement in a 9th grade science course.  For further information, please contact Mr. Maniglia, Science and Technology and Business  Supervisor 267-0837 ext. 3271 or rmaniglia@rvrhs.com
    All incoming 9th graders wishing to pursue an honors level course in World History or English, will be required to complete the Honor Readiness Assessment. There is an attached Honors Readness Assessment (HRA) cover sheet that will need to be filled out by the 8th grade teachers and parents. For further information, please contact either Mr. Stephen Joseph, English Supervisor 267-0837 ext. 3283 or sjoseph@rvrhs.com or Ms. Jean Marie Seal, Social Studies Supervisor, ext. 3540 or jseal@rvrhs.com.
    Course placements will be based upon a combination of grades, teacher recommendations, and assessment results. Standardized test scores may also be factored into course placements depending upon the receipt of those results by Rancocas Valley.  Schedules will be mailed home in early June.
    Burlington County Institute of Technology
    BCIT Admissions Information - please select this link to gather more information about the application process, criteria for admissions and directions on how to apply.
    Parents/Guardians/Students - you will need to create an InfoSnap accnount in order to apply to BCIT.  You can do this by clicking on the Appliation Link on BCIT's website.  Please note that any information you do not have access to I am able to upload for you: Attendance Records, Test Records,  Discipline Records, Grades, Photo ID, and State Student ID.  Once you have submitted an application InfoSnap sends me an email letting me know a student has applied.  Please reach out and let me know if you have any questions!
    Private High Schools