Birthdays & Snacks

  • We love to celebrate birthdays! Please let me know in advance if you will be sending an item in honor of your child's birthday. Please remember that the district policy is that the children can no longer share food items at any time. This includes birthdays, so items sent in to celebrate must be non-food. Children who have a birthday in the summer may choose to celebrate an "unbirthday" in June. If you would like to send party invitations to be passed out in school, please remember to include the entire class or all of the students of your child's gender.

    We also get very hungry during the morning. A healthy snack during the morning helps us to stay alert and focused. Students may snack whenever they are hungry, but must continue to complete assignments while snacking. Students are only allowed to eat snacks they have brought in themselves, and are not allowed to share snacks. Students may also keep a water bottle in their cubby. However, juice is not permitted as spills could damage textbooks and student work.

    Students are permitted to bring their own 'not-so-healthy' snack on days we are celebrating a students birthday. I will let them know when those Celebration days occur.