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  • Parents and/or guardians,

    The entire school curriculum is available to you through the district website. Under the 'Staff' link, select 'Curriculum'. Choose a subject (Example: 'Language Arts Curriculum'). Then select your child's grade level. There is access to several files and documents that explain the curriculum for each subject by grade level.

    As an overview:

    Mathematics: We are currently using the Go Math program, which is aligned with the Common Core Curriculum Standards and PARCC testing. We begin the year with a review of addition and subtraction, then learn about multiplication and division. Then, we learn about fractions, data collection and graphing, perimeter and area, geometry, and measurement.

    Language Arts: We are currently using the Reading Wonders program, which is aligned to the Common Core Curriculum Standards and PARCC testing. We use a balanced literacy approach which includes: Spelling, Shared reading, Silent Sustained Reading (SSR), small group instruction, Writing Workshop, and one-on-one discussions.

    Science/Social Studies: We alternate between Social Studies and Science units during the year. That means we'll take an approach which is "a mile wide and an inch deep". In our limited time, we'll cover a lot of information to develop a broad knowledge of topics.

    In science, we will learn about the Water cycle, Solar system, Ecosystem, and forest, desert, rain forest, and ocean biomes.

    In Social studies, we will cover: 1) Geography, people, and environment, 2) Civics, government, and human rights, 3) Economics, innovation, and technology, and 4) History, culture, and perspectives. They may not be done in this order. Since it is an election year, Unit 2 would most likely be the first Social Studies unit covered. Typically Unit 3 is done towards the end of the year.

    Below I have included some parent links that further discuss curriculum and state testing. A couple of these links are also useful when helping your child with his/her homework, assignments, and/or  projects. Please feel free to browse! 

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