General Information - Spatzier

  • Typical Day - As students enter the classroom, students empty book bags, submit homework, copy homework
    and complete journal writing.  Then, complete any unfinished work that remains in the red/school folder. 
    Money and notes are collected at this time and sent to the office. 

    Language Arts Groups:

    Teacher lesson

    Word work on Kindles

    Fun with phonics activity

    Reading Wonders games or Scootpad on the desktop computers

     lunch and recess: 10:50 - 11:50

    Bathroom Break while completing reinforcement work after recess

    Math Groups:

    Teacher lesson

    Fun with math activity

    Math on the Kindles

    Prodigy or Scootpad on the desk top computers


    Social Studies or Science 

    Specials:  Physical Education, Technology, Library, Art, Music Specials are at 2:18 and students are dismissed from their specials.  Kindly send a note if changing destination routine. 


    Class supply list is posted on ECS homepage for each grade. 


    Ear buds or headphones are needed for technology.

    Grading System

    5 - Student did more than what was asked. Student challenged themselves.

    4 - Student accomplished exactly what was asked of them and did it perfectly.

    3 - Student accomplished task with a few minor mistakes.

    2 - Student had difficulty accomplishing task.

    1 - Student was unable to accomplish task independently and/or did not follow directions.

    Power School - Grades will be available on Power School under subject area. 
    Students are tested three times a year for academic progress in reading and math. 
    Please select this link ---> M.A.P.Testing for more information.
    At dismissal, the green folder and homework notebook are packed to go home. Homework sheets will be placed in green folders to complete at home. Green folders and green notebooks will not go home on the last day of the week. Also, homework is assigned on the last day of the week. Notices and corrected work pages will be sent home every Thursday.
    Absences - When absent, work will be saved for your student. Kindly return when completed.

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